Dervish Elite Sunspear armor

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Dervish Elite Sunspear armor
Profession Dervish Dervish-tango-icon-20.png
Campaign Nightfall
PvP Elite Sunspear
PvP reward class Basic
Dervish Elite Sunspear armor f.jpg Dervish Elite Sunspear armor m.jpg
Female gallery Male gallery

Dervish Elite Sunspear armor is a prestige art type available in the Nightfall campaign. It is crafted by Ahamid in Command Post and Ahamid only appears after completion of the Building the Base: Prisoners of War quest.

The standard version of this armor is Dervish Sunspear armor.

Location Armorer AR Cost Hood Robes Vambraces Leggings Shoes   Total cost
Command Post Ahamid 70 15 Platinum 50 Tanned Hide Square(s)
5 Steel Ingot(s)
150 Tanned Hide Square(s)
15 Steel Ingot(s)
50 Tanned Hide Square(s)
5 Steel Ingot(s)
100 Tanned Hide Square(s)
10 Steel Ingot(s)
50 Tanned Hide Square(s)
5 Steel Ingot(s)
75 Platinum 400 Tanned Hide Square(s)
40 Steel Ingot(s)
Bug Bug.The "tags" on the leggings will disappear if you are underwater.

Dervish Dervish armor art
Standard: IstaniSunspearElonian
Prestige: Elite SunspearVabbianAncientPrimeval
Light BreastplateHooked LeggingsPadded Sandals