Family Ties (Prophecies quest)

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Family Ties
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Avatar of Dwayna
in Sardelac Sanitarium
Type Secondary quest
Family Ties (Prophecies) map.jpg
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Help the ghosts of Barry and Tamra Lefey find their peace by assuring them that their son Toby Lefey is safe.

Quest information[edit]





Kneel at the statue of Dwayna in Sardelac Sanitarium. The Avatar of Dwayna will appear with a quest marker over her head. Speak with her to get the quest.

This quest is easiest to do if you leave from Ascalon City. Head west and keep along with the Wall, and continue to hug the wall. You'll fight some Gargoyles and Hulking Earth Elementals while hugging the walls. You'll pass Master Ranger Nente and a collector at the statue of Balthazar (the former starting area of Green Hills County in pre-Searing Ascalon). Continue heading west, and you'll encounter some Devourers that pop out of the ground. Once the hills break, veer southwest (the exit to the Breach will be to the northwest). You'll have to clear any enemies surrounding the ghosts before they'll follow you, but approach the ghosts and they'll speak (point A on the wiki map).

Head back east once you've found the ghosts. It should be an easy walk back, but you may encounter some stray Hulking Earth Elementals. You'll lead the ghosts back down near the clearing between Ambassador Zain's caravan and Warmaster Grast (point B). Elise and Toby Lefey will run down from the broken wall, and another dialogue will ensue between the ghosts, later joined by Elise and Toby. The ghosts disappear when the dialogue is finished, and you can speak with Elise to get your reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Avatar of Dwayna
"So much have the people of Ascalon suffered. Though you do not see them, many ghosts wander these desolate lands, unable to accept what has befallen them and move on. Dwayna wishes you to bring peace to two such tortured souls. Go into Old Ascalon and find the ghosts of Barris and Tamra Lefey. Lead them to the gates of Ascalon City and wait there."
Yes Accept: "I am Dwayna's servant."
No Decline: "I am not worthy of this task."
Ask Ask: "If you are here, then the spirits of Barris and Tamra Lefey are still in torment. Do not linger when Dwayna has offered you such a noble purpose. Go into Old Ascalon and lead those spirits to the gates of Ascalon City. There shall they find some measure of peace."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Elise Lefey
"Thank you. I do not know how you knew to bring them here, but I thank you. It means so much for Toby to see his mother and father one last time. And maybe it means even more for them."
"It seems their spirits have been wandering all this time in anguish, wondering what happened to little Toby, here. But now they know I made it, and that I'll take care of him. They'd be so proud of Toby, I tell you. He's growing into a fine young man. A right proper, fine young man."