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Update #3 - Friday, November 12, 2010[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

Update #2 - Friday, November 12, 2010[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a bug that caused Zealous Vow to behave incorrectly.

Update - Friday, November 12, 2010[edit]

Skill Balance[edit]

For more information on these changes, please see the Developer Updates page.





  • Heal Party Heal Party: split for PvP; retains original functionality.
  • Heal Party (PvP) Heal Party (PvP): increased recharge to 20 seconds; decreased casting time to 1 second.
  • Healing Burst Healing Burst: changed functionality to: "Target ally is healed for 5...130. All party members in earshot of your target gain Health equal to the Divine Favor bonus from this spell. Your Smiting Prayers are disabled for 20 seconds."


  • Barbed Signet Barbed Signet: split for PvP; changed to apply Bleeding with Necromancer skills.
  • Barbed Signet (PvP) Barbed Signet (PvP): removed casting time; removed Health sacrifice; reduced recharge to 4 seconds; changed functionality to: "You suffer from Bleeding for 6 seconds. The next Necromancer skill that targets a foe causes Bleeding for 2...16 seconds."
  • Faintheartedness Faintheartedness: decreased duration to 3...16.
  • Spoil Victor Spoil Victor: split for PvP; retains original functionality.
  • Spoil Victor (PvP) Spoil Victor (PvP): decreased Health loss to 15...75.


  • Gaze of Fury (PvP) Gaze of Fury (PvP): this skill now targets only allied spirits.
  • Recuperation (PvP) Recuperation (PvP): removed the 75% Health cap.
  • Signet of Binding Signet of Binding: changed attribute to Spawning Power; increased casting time to 2 seconds; added the following functionality: "50% failure chance with Spawning Power 4 or less."


  • "Coward!" "Coward!": added recharge of 2 seconds.
  • Enraging Charge Enraging Charge: changed functionality to: "For 5...15 seconds, you move 25% faster. Enraging Charge ends when you successfully strike a target, at which point you gain 0...3 strikes of adrenaline if you hit with a melee attack."
  • Overbearing Smash Overbearing Smash: removed unblockable property.

NPC Updates[edit]

  • Divinus Tutela [Healing Henchman] no longer uses Heal Party or Healer's Boon, he now uses Heal Party (PvP) and Healing Burst.
  • Tannaros [Punishing Henchman] no longer uses Visions of Regret, he now uses Visions of Regret (PvP).

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a text bug that caused Tannaros [Punishing Henchman] to list Empathy when he was using Empathy (PvP).
  • Fixed a bug that caused white lines in the Raiment of the Lich costume.