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This suggestion is part of my overarching Skill Rebalance Project.

Basic Concept[edit]

The premise of this suggestion is that there are a variety of ways to improve basic attacks in Guild Wars. Between weapon upgrades, Conjures (enchantments), Weapon Spells, preparations, some flash enchantments, a dozen Assassin enchantments, a shout (?!), orders and some stances, there are far too many ways to improve auto attacks. Thus, this proposal condenses all passive abilities that explicitly affect autoattacks into two types: preparations (for martially-themed bonuses) and weapon spells (for magically-themed bonuses). This page also includes on skills that can remove preparations or weapon spells.

A single character can only be under the effects one preparation and one weapon spell at any time. New weapon effects overwrite old ones.


Preparations are [description forthcoming].

— Aqua

All martial weapons
Ranged only
Bows only
Daggers only
Multiple weapons

Weapon Spells[edit]

Weapon Spells are [description forthcoming].

— Aqua

Monk Monk
Necromancer Necromancer
Mesmer Mesmer
Elementalist Elementalist
Ritualist Ritualist
Dervish Dervish

Skills that interact with weapon effects[edit]

Skills that interact with preparations[edit]

  • Elementalist Stone Sheath Stone Sheath – removes preparation and disables use on target foe
  • Ritualist Dulled Weapon Dulled Weapon – removes preparation and disables use on target foe

Skills that interact with weapon spells[edit]

  • Monk Banish Banish – removes weapon spell from target foe