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I believe that duplicate skills (e.g. Dodge and Zojun's Haste) should be removed from the game. They provide no real purpose since (as far as I know) most players have all campaigns anyway.

I like themes for skills. Therefore, for example, all skills with "Melandru's" in the name will have a similar function, as will all skills with "Predator" in the name. I think this was once the case in GW anyway, but over time skill-changes have broken themes.

I hate passive skills. By this I mean skills that just have an effect once you've used them (like Empathy) or skills with long recharges which you simply forget about after casting (like Call of Protection). I think that short-duration, short-recharge skills are far more interesting to use than long-duration, long-recharge skills - and I don't think any skill should just be used and forgotten about. I plan to change most of these skills to make them more interesting (in the case of skills like Empathy, more interesting for both the caster and the target).

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