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This is, hopefully a way to fix up the Underworld. I'm making this, because although I play an Elementalist/Monk Ether Renewal for the new speed clear called "Dayway," I think it's unfair to the other people. Arena Net has changed the Underworld in order to attempt speed clear preventions, which clearly did not work. Not only did it not work, it also makes it harder for regular groups, in Hard Mode or Normal Mode to do the Underworld too. Now it's even harder to add Eternal Conqueror of the Underworld to my Ranger. Also note, the Underworld Chest doesn't give the best drops.


  • Get rid of the Skeleton of Dhuum. It will be like taking out Hero Battles, except this one won't be a mistake.
The skeletons are nothing but an annoyance, that also give ectos to make up for being so annoying. Plus, isn't everything in the Underworld that's trying to kill us a minion of Dhuum already? When did Dhuum get the power in his 172498537894 years of being locked up to make several new minions?
  • Get rid of Spirit Form
I recall Gwen's mother (Sarah) dying in Pre-Searing Ascalon, then coming to the Underworld as a Spirit. We go there to clear the Underworld of Dhuum's minions, and putting some souls to rest, while we're alive. How do we become a spirit after this? If it was a party wipe, a message like "Grenth is displeased with your failure, and has exempted you from the Underworld...for now" should appear. Don't worry folks, I'm going to work on Dhuum too.
  • The Ending
During the fight with Dhuum, I believe Dhuum should already be in his chained form. The 7 Reapers are all Chaining him. 2 on both of his legs, 2 on his arms, 1 on his neck and 1 for his Chest. Make Dhuum invulernable. Essentially like the Sorrow's Furnace mechanical boss thing.
Not done yet, so don't worry. Behind each of the Reaper's, make a Portal. From these portals, Dhuum Minions, such as Terrorweb Dryders will spawn. They will attack the Reaper. The Reapers are allowed to die on this part. When a Reaper is below 90% health, his or her control of one of Dhuum's body parts is taken off, and the Reaper attempts to defend itself.
Here the problem occurs that, there may be a Shadow Form Assassin at the portals ready to tank whatever Minions may come. There are three ways to make sure the Reaper gets attacked. The first option, is to make these minions Tortured Spirits that we encounter in the Vale. The second, is to make Shadow Form a stance, and only maintainable with 16 Shadow Arts and a maximized Deldrimor Rank for Dwarven Stability, but this may just make a lot of people cry and introduce a lot of ways to farm Deldrimor points. The third idea, is to make Dhuum's skill, Judgment of Dhuum make Dhuum "glare" at a target (mostly the reapers) to make his minions attack that target.
If a reaper dies, that body part of which the Reaper bounded can no longer be bound.
The Reapers must be alive for X minutes to rebound Dhuum.

Other Skill Ideas[edit]

I'm not talking about Shadow Form nerfs here in case anyone wants to flame more. However, this section is about Dhuum's skills so if you want to flame about that, feel free on the discussion page.
  • Reaping of Dhuum Reaping of Dhuum - Usable only when Dhuum's neck is unbound. Dhuum drains 10 energy and enchantments end 90% faster from his enemies.
Enemies being the party members of course. The reaper's need some form of defense, even if it's with their crappy skills. In addition, people who aren't doing Speed Clear Underworld will find this not too harmful to them. Speed Clearers may find trouble if Shadow Form isn't covered, or if cast at a bad time.
  • Summon Champion Summon Champion - Perhaps summon something like a Slayer for this.
  • Summon Minions Summon Minions - Dhuum calls upon the minions mentioned above.
  • Touch of Dhuum Touch of Dhuum - Only usable when Dhuum's arm is unbound. Dhuum deals 350 damage (this damage, being health loss much like the Skeleton of Dhuum's skills). The recharge is halved if both of Dhuum's arms are unbound.
  • Weight of Dhuum Weight of Dhuum - Only usable when Dhuum's leg is unbound. Dhuum knocks down all enemies (again, it's us the party members only) for 4 seconds. The recharge is halved if both of Dhuum's legs are unbound.
These skills would have to have certain times in which Dhuum can use. If someone is knocked down for 4 seconds and then they have him use the suggested version of Touch of Dhuum or even one of the summons, a Reaper is sure to die.

All in All[edit]

I have done the Underworld a long long time ago before Speed Clears with my Guild, not on my Ranger and now with Speed Clears being the big thing that ANet tries to stop, maybe this can slow it down instead.

With the time needed to bound Dhuum from the Reapers, a Conset and Backup may become a requirement.

I am still biased on this, as I have done many Speed Clears, and very few actual Underworld runs.

I thought of balancing the Underworld as I fell asleep. After a long day of work and other things, I came up with this idea so it may contain some bad information. ^^ You've been warned.

Speed Clears would still be possible, but longer which would raise ectoplasm prices, but the prices are then reduced again from the other ways to farm ectos such as a 55/SS or 600/Smiter (amongst other combinations).

Also, as mentioned before. The Underworld Chest material isn't always the best, and sometimes useless to other people so Speed Clears should still be allowed overall! ^^

The Reaper binding his chest prevents him from using Dhuum (skill) Dhuum (skill).