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Update - Friday February 9, 2007[edit]

Temporary Changes for this Weekend’s Testing Event[edit]

Heroes' Ascent
  • Increased party size to 8.
  • Claim Resource Claim Resource: increased casting time to 3 seconds.

In response to player feedback from last weekend, we are making the following permanent changes:

Permanent Changes[edit]


  • "Stand Your Ground!" "Stand Your Ground!": decreased recharge time to 30 seconds, decreased duration to 5..20 seconds.
  • "They're on Fire!" "They're on Fire!": decreased recharge time to 10 seconds, decreased duration to 10 seconds, decreased damage reduction to 5..35.
  • Angelic Bond Angelic Bond: increased Energy cost to 10, increased casting time to 2 seconds.
  • Slayer's Spear Slayer's Spear: increased Energy cost to 10, decreased damage to 5..25.
  • Vicious Attack Vicious Attack: increased recharge time to 8 seconds.
  • Cruel Spear Cruel Spear: decreased damage to 1..31.
  • "Incoming!" "Incoming!": decreased duration to 1..3 seconds.


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