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Update - Thursday, May 03, 2007[edit]

Audio Updates[edit]

  • Improved combat sounds for axes.

Hero Panel Update[edit]

  • Renamed the "Hero Battles" tab that is found in the Hero panel to "Account."
  • Removed the Tournament statistics from the top of the Hero Panel. This information is now found in the new Account tab.

Automated Tournaments[edit]

  • Made further preparations for the beginning of the first season of Automated Tournaments, which starts on Monday.

Bug Fixes[edit]


  • Made preparations for the Double Experience for Elite Skill Captures weekend.
  • Changed the loading screens for many of the maps in the Battle Isles.
  • Chinese users can now add access keys to their accounts through the Character selection screen.

Guild Wars Wiki notes[edit]

  • Hard Mode ping now says "This is Hard Mode!".
  • Imperial Commendations now have a silver color.
  • The Titles menu now lists titles which are at maximum rank at the top
  • Loading screens of Heroes' Ascent and Guild halls are unaltered.
  • It's now possible to registrate to the first Hero Battles tournament on 5/4/2007
  • German translation of "Buy Tournament Tokens" and Qualifier Points description ("1v1" was translated to "2-gg.-1") have errors, Guild Battles's rank description show an unnecessary ":" after numbers.
  • Date displays on Tournaments use english/non-english notation for other language settings than english variously
  • Missing translations after the 2007-04-20 update are now implemented
  • The Inscription:"Don't call it a comeback" is now green/yellow