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The following guide is for players who wish to maximize their game play experiences involving the NPC character Gwen. There are several interesting and unique encounters with Gwen throughout the game. If these small adventures are not handled correctly they will be forfeit and forever lost to a player's character.

The guide itself is broken into several sections:

  • Meeting Gwen for the first time
...and getting the Tapestry Shred. How to properly combine the quest Gwen's Flute and several other tasks to get the tapestry shred.
  • Meeting Gwen again in the north
What to bring with you when you go to GW:EN and how to get the hidden extra quest Then and Now, Here and There
Gwen and her Mother in the underworld: see Sarah
  • Gwen and the Bonus Mission pack.
See The Flight North

Getting the Tapestry Shred[edit]

Anomaly Anomaly.For this to work properly, your character must not have exited Ascalon as a member of a party with another character who has already completed the Gwen's Flute quest, or has given her the flute or the cape. If so, she will already have the items, and will still have the items even if you meet her solo thereafter.

The first time you exit the main arch of Ascalon City, Gwen will be behind the resurrection shrine to the left skipping, whirling and playing. She will have a quest indicator over her head. Talk to her to start the quest.

Gwen: "I left my flute by the river, but there are lots of scary monsters there now. I don't know what to do. Can you maybe go and kill them and bring my flute back?"

Yes Accept: "Sure, I can do that."
No Decline: "No, I don't have time."
⇒ Select "Sure, I can do that" to accept the quest. The quest log will not be updated with the location of the flute.

Gwen: "Thank you! I can't wait! I know you'll find it." Travel south to the river, and the Broken Flute quest item will be on the far shore, slightly to the left. Pick up the flute and the quest log will update to show: "You currently have Gwen's flute."

Return to Gwen and give her the flute.

Gwen: "Thanks for finding my flute. Oh no! It's broken! Now I'm going to have to get a new one. Can I follow you?"

Yes Accept: "Yes, you may follow me, Gwen"
No Decline: "No, not right now."
⇒ Select "Yes, you may follow me, Gwen".

Gwen: "I think I'm going to follow you." She will begin to follow you where ever you go, as long as you don't enter a town or the catacombs.

As Gwen follows you she has the ability to heal you during combat for +20hp, but not until after you get her a new flute from the merchant. Buy a flute from the merchant for 4 Gold. and give it to Gwen.

Gwen: "Can I have that shiny new flute? Its so beautiful. I bet it plays pretty music."

Yes Accept: "Enjoy it."
No Decline: "I'm keeping it."
⇒ Select "Enjoy it" and Gwen takes the flute and begins to play after she says: "I can't wait to try it."

Gwen will then stand in one place playing her flute even if you move away. Select her again, and she will say "Ok, I'll wait here." and stops playing the flute. She will then have another quest marker over her head. If you select it, she says:

Gwen: "Ok, I think I'll follow you" and resumes her normal skipping and whirling. Now that she has the flute and is following you, she will heal you for +20hp during combat from time to time. As she follows you she has a wide variety of comments she makes. One will reference a girls cape. Buying a small girls cape from the merchant will cause a new quest marker to appear over her head.

Gwen: "Ohh!, You got a cape! Where did you find it? Can I have it please?"

Yes Accept: "Sure. It will look nice on you."
No Decline: "I'm keeping it."
⇒ Select "Sure. It will look nice on you." and she will then be wearing the cape, now and each time this (your) character sees her again until the Searing.

Gwen: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Look how pretty it is!" Gwen will continue to follow you.

As you travel, if you find a Red Iris Flower, give it to Gwen.

Yes Accept: "Give flower to Gwen."
No Decline: "Keep the flower for yourself."
⇒ Select "Give the flower to Gwen." She will reply "This flower matches my other flowers perfectly."

Once you have given her enough flowers (usually two suffice if you have given her the flute and the cape), a quest marker will appear over her head.

Gwen: "You're my favorite person, after mommy. I think I'll give you my most favorite thing in the whole world."

Gwen will give you the Quest item Tapestry Shred which will have no purpose in Prophecies, but will unlock an extra quest later in the Eye of the North expansion.

She will also give you the tapestry if you offer her enough flowers.

  • If you bought her the cape you will need as few as one but probably more.
  • If you did not buy her the cape you will need to give her at least four but probably more. However, I gave her around 30 flowers and still didn't get the tapestry

Note: She no longer takes all the flowers you have in inventory, so if you want to give her more than one, you will need to approach her repeatedly. However, the "following" dialog will not activate until you have no flowers in your inventory.

GW:EN and now[edit]