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Guild A R K A N G E L S cape.jpg
Territory International
Faction Luxon
Type PvE/PvP
No. of members ~50+
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP Ventrilo

The ARKangels is the parent guild of a multiple Guild alliance with, Angelic Warriors [WAR], Never Enough [Tyme], Seekers of Valor [SoV], The Angles and Shadows Project [ASP], Elite Mystic Warriors of Rage [RAGE], Eternity Lost And Found [ELF], and Secrets of the Mist [MIST] as current member Guilds. Our Alliance Presidents (currently the office is held by: Laurana Aquilion [MIST}(Pacific) & Revel Heart [ARK](Central), are elected by being voted upon by all players who are current members of the Guild Alliance.

Everything about ARK and the ARK alliance centers around honor and respect, and treating everyone we encounter with as much courtesy as their behavior affords. Whenever the guild plays PvP, every match is begun with the battlecry: "GL + HF" (Good Luck and Have Fun!)

The History of Arkangels

The Arkangels were founded in early June of 2005, with the vision of building up a stable guild community that stretches beyond just in-game interactions, that would do well both in PvE, PvP as well as hybrid modes, and would last a long time after Prophecies came out. With the dawning of Nightfall, we reached the goal of a stable Guild and Alliance community that shows no signs of weakening, and continues to strengthen. Our new goal is to prosper well into the day when Guild Wars II comes out, and to move to it together as a Guild and Alliance community. So we are here for the long run! Most of our guild members are in the American time zones, spreading between PST and EST and being most active during the evening hours… as most members are (or will shortly be) in college and/or working. We also do have active members from Europe in both ARK and the rest of the Alliance, so we have an in-game presence around the clock where you never have to run alone unless you wish to.


Applications are always welcome, please link to the Guild you are interested in;

Arkangels Main (Balanced):

Angelic Warriors (Family):

How to apply

We only take applications through our website @ .

  1. Go to our web page, and read our guild code as well as applicant criteria.
  2. If you have questions, ask one of our officers or the guild leader.
  3. Create an account and answer the questions that are part of the applicant criteria thread. An officer will talk to you in-game to answer any last-minute questions you may have, and to go over expectations again.

We look forward to seeing you on our site!

Contact information



In game:

Guild Leader -

  • Coach (ign: Mailed Fist, Coach Fist);

Officers -

  • Revel Heart
  • Mace of the Wild
  • Darko Zizou
  • Zapra De Oro
  • and our beloved Oracles (and former GL's) Erasmus Thornhale and Fried Okra.

A R K A N G E L S Alliance
Leader A R K A N G E L S
Members Angelic WarriorsSeekers Of Valor • Never Enough TYME • The Angel and Shadows Project • Elite Mystic Warriors of Rage • Secrets of The Mist