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Guild Above And Beyond banner.jpg

Guild Above And Beyond Duty.pngAbove And Beyond [Duty]

Above And Beyond Duty [Duty]
Guild Above And Beyond Duty cape.jpg
Territory American
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 45+
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP TeamSpeak
Webpage Official Duty Site
Time zone All

Duty was formed January 30th of 2006 by Angel Angeline, Zephiragar Zen, and Sky Genesis. Duty is primarily a PvE guild, questing, helping each other out with missions, as well as runs in UW, FoW, The Deep, etc., but infrequently engages in PvP such as GvG, AB. We are a close knit guild who know each other fairly well. Duty uses the alliance vent, and has their own team speak.

Duty's "guild mission" is a Kurzick guild that is dedicated to making guild wars a fun and respectful environment. We accept all players as long as they remember that. We prefer attitude over experience.

Guild Above And Beyond Duty.pngRecruitment

Those interested in joining Above And Beyond [Duty] should whisper one of the officers to say hello. Here at Duty we only have a few simple rules that are not hard to follow and most are common sense.

1. Dont Beg and be anoyning in the Guild or Alliance Chat

2. Help each other out when possible

3. Don't spam selling items in the Guild or Alliance Chat ask once, if no one answers they are either busy, or don't want it.

4. If your going AFK for more than a month then tell Jaz or Salisa.

5. Profanity WILL NOT be tolerated in guild chat, alliance chat, or on the forums.

6. Donations will be accepted for guild use such as supplies, weapons, dyes, and gold. Donations are much appreciated.

7. No Sexual Harassment if something of a sexual nature is said and makes someone uncomfortable STOP.

And most the most important...

8. HAVE FUN!! =)

Guild Above And Beyond Duty.pngContact Information


Warrior.pngAngel Angeline

Co Leader:

Necromancer.pngSalisa Dawn

Officer List:

Jhelron Tarok
Manuel of Paranor
Morticia Swift
Shawna Nitehawk
Spirit The Silent
Virulence Veloure

Band of thee Black Hand [BBH] Alliance
Leader Band of thee Black Hand [BBH]
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