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Aequus Aedium [AsAm]

Aequus Aedium

[AsAm] America Binary/English Kurzick PvE/PvP 13 Warrior's Isle Arizona

[[Image:Guild Aequus Aedium

[AsAm] America Binary/English Kurzick PvE/PvP 13 Warrior's Isle Arizona cape.jpg|150px]]

  • We are a friendly guild full of helpful members. Most of our officers have most of the campaigns; two officers and the have all of the campaigns. We are willing to help all of our members with anything they need help with.
  • Our guild has been around almost as long as Guild Wars has been online. Our original guild leader, now an officer, started it shortly after the full version was released.


  • We are happy to recruit those who can play and converse intelligently with us. We are a close-knit group, where we will regard all as equals. Our name, roughly translated, means "Equal House," and we regard all members as such.
  • Currently we have thirteen members, including our leader. We have three officers and nine members. Becoming an officer is not easy; you will have to prove yourself.
  • Please don't waste our time and money if you have no plans to stay in the guild. We want people who are dedicated to the guild.


  • So long as you show yourself to be a dedicated player, we welcome you in our guild. However, hostility between guild members will not be appreciated. As stated above, we are a close-knit group of people, many of whom are good friends and family members outside of the game. Keep your banter somewhat polite, in-guild at least.


  • The officers and leader generally are found playing Alliance Battles, but are willing to help other members with whatever they need done.
  • Our Guild Merchant (one of the officers), can make ridiculous amounts of money very quickly, so we're never strapped for cash.
  • The officers and leader love the Dragon Arena, and play it every chance we get. One day we will be remembered.

Contact information

  • If you must contact us, you may contact Nartur Arkano in-game. Please don't contact him for anything except official business (joining, etc.).

Fun Tidbits

  • We do occasionally enjoy heckling people in one of the large towns as a group. We tend to stay in Lion's Arch - District 1, but we really just go wherever we can.
  • Our leader and two of the officers have run the Fissure of Woe with a group which started with eight people, but after the Forgemaster quest, became only four. The remaining four (with the one non-guildie having fallen asleep during questing) completed the Fissure even without having prepared for a four-man group.
  • We have a PC guild Merchant, who is gaining some renown in the main cities of Lion's Arch and Ascalon City. If you see a level 1 character in Lion's Arch, that's her.