Guild:Angels Of Solitude Tranquility (historical)

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Angels Of Solitude Tranquility [AoST]

Angels Of Solitude Tranquility [AoST]
Guild Angels Of Solitude Tranquility cape.jpg
Territory Your Territory
Language English
Leader Kessa Menlitz
Faction Luxon
Type PvE
No. of members ~45
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation

Our guild is mainly about being friendly and helping others.


We are always looking for more guild sisters! currently we are having a shortage of new members. We are getting new officers too!

Contact information

Leader: Kessa Menlitz (ign- Kessa Menlitz)

Officers you can contact: Djinn of the Sea (ign- Djinn of the sea)


Kessa Menlitz


Derv A Lishis

Violet Sang

Cidella Windsong

Hen Qaio Mei

Esandra Saphire

Kamikaze Vagrants Alliance
Leader Kamikaze Vagrants
Members Angels Of Solitude Tranquility • Demons Of The Abyssal Plains • I Legend I