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Kamikaze Vagrants [KaVa]

Kamikaze Vagrants [KaVa]
Guild Kamikaze Vagrants cape.jpg
Language Mostly English but
other languages are accepted.
Leader Little Charm, Ayanna Espque
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members ~27
Guild Hall Imperial Isle

We're a bunch of vagrants who just want to have fun while playing Guild Wars. Everyone is very special in their own way and brings in new ideas they would like to share with the guild. We don't work on something specifically like grinding factions or any other kind of points. We sometimes work on titles such as capping skills and vanquishing. We hangout alot and we're very active. It's too cliche to say we're the best guild in the whole world, but we're the best home for any vagrant. Come Join the Fun today !!


We Are Looking For More Active, Fun, Helpful Members. Any Level or Exp Is Welcome. Please bring in ideas and suggestions into the guild to help evolve. Like we said, anybody can become a member. To be an officer however, please be yourself, talkative, active, and helpful with other members in the guild and/or alliance. To the current members, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR UNLIMITED SUPPORT, GO KaVa and friends 2009 !!

Contact information


  • Little Charm (Chamie)
  • Ayanna Espque (Aya)

''List Of Officers You Could Contact''

  • Corona Compass (Corona)
  • I Blinzx I (Brandon)
  • K Els Ea (Kelsea)
  • Piro Kori (Nate)
  • Skidzo The Holy (Skidzo)
  • Tanis Half Elvenn (Tanis)
  • Bunnny Keeper (Nick and his sisters)
  • Andrew Elliot (Andrew)
  • Parie Winkle (Naomi)

"List Of Members You Might Know"

  • Ratlin Dark Magi (Ratlin)
  • Wild Slaya (Slaya)
  • V Style (V)
  • But Im Not Dead
  • Sir Juraku
  • Dracos Feyblood
  • Nite Weaver (Nite)
  • Righteous Sin (Gary)
  • Kenna Zenta
  • Leroy Jenking
  • Master Spirit Taco (Taco)
  • Soul Reaper Nashika (Nashika)
  • Fatty Mcboomboom
  • Majik Titz
  • Aleceto Aeronwy (Justin)
  • Legends Elements
  • Crysta Jade
  • Countess Cicatrix
  • Baron Geis
  • Champion God
  • Sir Kurakas
  • Ciley Elise
  • Cranica Mar
  • Jaden Avea
  • Meiko Carlin
  • Shiriel The Slayer
  • Sir Kinswrath
  • Zeldox The Great
  • Too Short For Ya
  • Prince Of Sins

"Old Members That Retired or Quit"

  • Legend Xx (Legend)
  • Ming the Merciless (Ming)
  • Fai Mink (Cj)
  • Hen Qiao Mei (Lisa)
  • Montezuma I (Monica)
  • Linu La Neralle
  • X Deathshadow X (David)
  • Risa Yagami
  • Primus
  • James
  • Miria Sempor (Rylen)

"Important Officers That are in Valiants From Vagrants"

  • Emma Lei (Lakerz)
  • Lexi
  • X Delacerate X (Aaron)
  • Eradon Iron (Wayne)

Kamikaze Vagrants Alliance
Leader Kamikaze Vagrants
Members Unknown