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Chaotic Charisma [Chi]

Chi is a guild that is still active even after Guild Wars2 we are currently in Minions of Chronos [TIME] alliance which owns House Zu Heltzer and is very active. We do FoWSC, UWSC, MTSC, URGOZSC, DoASC and more.

Chaotic Charisma Chi
Guild Chaotic Charisma cape.jpg
Language English
Leader Siriuos Monk
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 70+
Guild Hall Isle of the Dead


Anyone is welcome to join however you must be active (on atleast once a week).


If it is against the EULA then it is against the Guild/Alliance rules! Guild Chat is relaxed and almost everything is allowed. Mind your manners on Alliance Chat.

Contact information

If you would like to join just PM the leader or one of the officers as listed below.


  • The Novice Monk


  • Coco Macaque
  • Tondi Tahir
  • Runed Blade
  • X Mazden Da Third X
  • Trash Fuzion
  • Phantom Axe
  • Revertis Athaeron
  • Deus Rift

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