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Ancient Shinobi Imperial Army [ASIA]
Ancient Shinobi Imperial Army ASIA
Guild Ancient Shinobi Imperial Army cape.jpg
Territory Worldwide
Language English
Yoshida Keiji

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Type PvE
No. of members 25+
Guild Hall
Isle of the Dead
Isle of The Dead Map.jpg
Time zone GMT +9
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[ASIA] is a guild with players from all over the World. Its tag is meant to attract players from Asia/Australia evenings, European afternoons and American mornings who in most American guilds often find themselves alone. It is intended to gather all those who want to see a guild roster with active members at all times.

We want to give our members a Town in honor of their loyalty to us. In order to keep this benefit up through time, we have a good bunch of members who regularly donate Kurzick factions to our guild by doing Faction farm in FA, JQ, VFFF and MTSC most commonly.

We are always asking new comers about their interests to team up together and create a friendly environment. There are also guided Elite Area runs for those willing to loot, and at the moment were are especially seeking more players to complete teams for our Urgoz's Warren Hard Mode runs.

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[ASIA] was created on June 5th 2010 and it started with the support of X Knock Out X [KO], as the guild leader who was the officer in that group.

[ASIA] has been led from the very beginning by Yoshida Keiji who had assistance from a few friends. Being the first and most important one Angela, with whom Keiji faction farmed together with by doing Drazach Thicket Speed Clear from The Eternal Groove French district. We attained 1 million Kurzick points giving us good opportunities to join good alliances. French players were few and after a month, fewer each day, and as we tried to join from Japan and China/Australia our game hours made it hard to hold 1 million faction points, due to timezones. The desire of owning a Town made us take a hard decision and we turn to Luxons since more players were active at Aspenwood Gate German district. Witnessing days where even 3 districts were open in that outpost. Ninty percent of our members remained Kurzick, including Angela who at the same time started University and stopped playing to dedicate herself full time in studies.

At the same time [ASIA] was turning to the "red side", another old friend became a very vital officer for the guild. Aurora Tarcia, old The Deep partner, who during those days started to farm Luxon factions by doing Mount Qinkai Speed Clear; and teaching Yoshida Keiji his first runs by teaming together for Wallow duo.

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Year 2011

During the course of year 2011, new officers were promoted to reinforce the ranks and supported our clan to shape its identity. Being the most notorious one: Fernilan Cor (from Spain), a very friendly and helpful player who easily gained positive reputation in short time. The ideal example of a lieutenant, showed strong efforts in recruitment and alternative methods of Fast Faction Farming. Another outstanding officer built his share: Rakus Rottenheart a.k.a. Sonny (from The Philippines), gamer who perfectly matched the goals of this guild due to regional factor. Also contributing his won quota with both recruitment and faction farming. Later on Prodigy The Chosen (from America) joined the ranks, becoming the elder to guide those who would follow into his footsteps. Very helpful in all aspects.

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Year 2012
  • MQSC died around the Seventh Year Anniversary Celebration, pugs stopped coming to Aspenwood Gate and several Faction Farming guilds faded away.
  • After the release of GW2, a quarter of the members remained and an activity check requirement was placed into effect to remove players who would hit 2 weeks offline.
  • Two new officers: Wynn Healz U (from Finland) & Take My Heart Out (from Australia).
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Year 2013
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  • Ancient Shinobi Imperial Army [ASIA] is RECRUITING! Alliance·owns·Altrumm·Ruins|Requirement:Must·be·online·once·per·week.
  • Join [ASIA] Alliance·owns·House·zu·Heltzer Activity·Requirement:Must·be·online·at·least·once·per·week.
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Guild Events

To every member that puts 5k Factions to the guild, is given 1 platinum (1k gold). In order to claim the price, player must call an officer or leader to witness the amount given to the guild.

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Contact information


Officers (The 5 chosen by Ogen, Iga)

Officers (The 5 chosen by Danjou, Kouga)

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