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Desert Foxes [DF]

Desert Foxes [DF]
Guild Desert Foxes cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language Finnish
Leader Dahlia Lilystream
Faction Luxon
Type PvE
No. of members ~15
Guild Hall Frozen Isle
VoIP Skype
IRC channel #desertfoxes on Qnet
Time zone UTC+2


Desert Foxes was created February 4th 2006 by Dahlia Lilystream with the sole purpose of "getting a cool cape". In some point others were invited to share the cape, and since then we have evolved through many incarnations to be what we are now. Somewhere along the way the international aspect of the guild was dropped and the Foxes became fully Finnish.

Guild Description

Our main goal is to create a close-knit community where members can enjoy PvE activities in a fun and mature company, with people who share the same kind of goals in-game and similar mindset.

We are currently hibernating in wait for Guild Wars 2 but may occasionally gather for some vanquishing, HM missions, dungeons, elite areas etc. or playing through the campaigns with our alts. Occasionally we like to have a few matches in AB and some of us like to even go to RA/TA/HB every now and then. GvG is something we have tried a couple of times but won't arrange on a regular basis.


Criteria and expectations:

  • Finnish
  • age of 18
  • mature, helpful, friendly, open-minded, has a sense of humour
  • enjoys a small close-knit guild environment
  • prefers PvE over PvP

It's also great if you enjoy title hunting as much as most of us but it's not a requirement as such.

If you feel like you fit the criteria, please consider joining the Foxes. You can apply to DF by filling the form on our website. You application will be up for commenting on our forums for 3-7 days, after which we will inform you of our decision.

You can find further information and instructions on applying by following the website link to our forums.

Contact information



Dahlia Lilystream


Dharenn Geldwyn

Cen Fict

Anya Darinei

Veli Mantere

Desert Foxes Alliance
Leader Desert Foxes
Members Routainen Maa • Urban Legend Heroes