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Desolation Gods [DG]
Guild Desolation Gods cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English
Leader Isoka Shwang
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
Cape trim Silver Trim
No. of members 40
Guild Hall Frozen Isle
VoIP Vent
Guild Desolation Gods Image55.png
Desolation Gods [DG]

Desolation Gods was founded on January 1st 2010 by Il Bebbo Il

Guild Desolation Gods Image55.png

Desolation Gods [DG]

22nd Place, March GvG Championship 2010

Desolatlon Gods [DG]

27nd Place, February GvG Championship 2011

25th Place, June GvG Championship 2011

29th Place, August GvG Championship 2011

28th Place, September GvG Championship 2011

24th Place, October GvG Championship 2011

The Magnifico [IV]

25th Place, November GvG Championship 2011

27th Place, December GvG Championship 2011

W4ffle F으rm4ti0n 대트슈T]

9th Place, January GvG Championship 2012

Poop Knights [zzz]

8th Place, February GvG Championship 2012

Special Events

8th Place, Guild Wars Guru Championship Silver Division 2011

Guild Desolation Gods Image55.png
Core Members

  • Assassin.png UK flag.png Isoka
  • Warrior.png UK flag.png Pure
  • Warrior.png Netherlands flag.png Tpot
  • Warrior.png Sweden flag.png Phear
  • Elementalist.png UK flag.png Gremmy
  • Monk.png Sweden flag.png Sebbe
  • Mesmer.png UK flag.png Curt
  • Elementalist.png UK flag.png Raah
  • Monk.png Netherlands flag.png Bernie
  • Monk.png Portugese flag.png Xengy
  • Ritualist.png Sweden flag.png Istani
  • Monk.png Netherlands flag.png Purif
  • Monk.png Sweden flag.png Emi

Guild Desolation Gods Image55.png
Contact Information

Guild Desolation Gods Image55.png

Desolation Gods Guild Ladder