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Devils Rejects [DR]

Devils Rejects [DR]
Guild Devils Rejects cape.jpg
Territory US and International
Language English
Leader Cyrael Pelingar
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members 98
Guild Hall Isle of Solitude

The DR Family... an alliance dedicated to mature, civil gameplay. We're trying very hard to maintain an active guild and alliance where all members can feel safe and have fun. To help achieve that goal, we've established simple policies:

1) Follow the Golden Rule. We do not accept cussing/foulness (including sexual humor), yelling, spamming, racism and name calling, general obnoxious and negative behavior, and asking for freebies.

2) If you have an issue or problem with someone, please speak with them privately. If you cannot resolve the problem, speak with your officers or guild leader directly instead of involving others.

Anyone who has a suggestion on how to make our guild or alliance better, or an idea for activities, please post them on the forum or chat with officers or guild leader in-game and we'll see what we can do.

Thank you for looking at our page!


  • Looking for friendly, helpful and loyal members for all the alliance guilds for a full spectrum of PvE and PvP activities. We strive to maintain the guild and alliance to the best standard we can.


  • Cyrael Pelingar


  • War Hammer Bob
  • Daramishi Tahr
  • Eddo Of Droknar
  • Hugh Almighty
  • Tor The Elder
  • Aries Im Here
  • Spirit of Maks
  • Stab Stab
  • Succum To Me
  • Elie Ravengod


We have several regularly scheduled Events in the DR alliance - At the moment they stand at:

  • BYOB - (Bring Your Own Build) A weekly free-for-all GvG
  • Fight Club - A weekly 1v1 elimination tourney
  • Hide-and-Seek - Twice-monthly covering all campaigns plus EOTN
  • Lottery - Twice-monthly, winner selected by the /roll emote
  • Scavenger Hunts - Once monthly consisting of four individual hunts, one for each campaign plus EOTN
  • Additional occasional or one-time Events - Birthday celebrations, "Purple Armor Day", "Secret Santa", Faction Challenges, etc.

The Alliance

[DR] is a member of the Elite Mercenaries of Abaddon [ema].

Our Userbars:

User Fox Cub DR devilsrejects DR.jpg This user is a proud member of the Guild: Elite Mercenaries of Abaddon Guild!

A Special Thank You

A special thank you to Fox Cub, the Original creator of our Guild wiki page

(Page last updated - 11/27/11)

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