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Drunken Gaurdians [Hic]

Drunken Gaurdians [Hic]
Guild Drunken Gaurdians cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language Swedish and English
Leader Grursus Izzly
Faction Kurzick
Type "PvX"
No. of members (20)
Guild Hall Isle Of Solitude
VoIP Ventrilo 2.1.4
Time zone GMT +1

Drunken Gaurdians was founded in June 2009 by a group of friends in game as well as in real life. Most of our members are Swedish but we welcome players of any nationality to our guild. We are mature players that are looking for some fun in the game, foul language and bullying does not belong in this Guild.

Most of us are experienced PvE players since the start of Guild Wars, but since the guild started, we focused on PVP and especially HA. We normally team up for HA at (20.00 GMT +1) Today we play mostly PvE in Guild Wars 2.

We are always on a Team Speak server, log-in info is distributed to members on request.

Unannounced Offline limit is 4 weeks, let us know in game or post in the forum if you are going to stay afk for longer so we can keep your place in the guild. A new member has a 3 week limit to register on our Guildlaunch webpage.


Drunken Gaurdians is always open to new member applicants. If you're interested in joining us, either contact us through our web page or contact any of the in game characters.

Contact information

Website & Forums:

In game: Grursus Izzly, Clyn Leish, Adriel The Light or Eline Styx

Drunken Gaurdians Alliance
Leader Drunken Gaurdians
Members We Dont Need Skills We Have • Arrogant High • Alliance Of Omega • Apocalyptic Inferno • Heroes Must Conquer