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Dutch Doom Brigade [DDB]
Guild Dutch Doom Brigade cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members ~60
Guild Hall Corrupted Isle
VoIP Alliance Teamspeak
Webpage [1]
Time zone CET (GMT +1)
Dutch Doom Brigade [DDB]

Dutch Doom Brigade [DDB] is a Dutch-Belgian guild founded on 4/29/2006 by Slaughter and Anuk Su Namun. The guild has members from all over The Netherlands and Belgium.

Dutch Doom Brigade or DDB for short, is an active and adventurous guild. Whether that means diving into the depths of Domain of Anguish, facing the dangers and monsters that lurk there, or sit back and relax during a vanquish. And those are just a few examples of all the things we do together. The essential thought is to have fun and enjoy the game.

The alliance DDB is part of, is Dutch too.


The guild focuses on PvE play almost exclusively. They aim to play together as much as possible, and to help each other meet goals. DDB believes members should have the opportunity to enjoy the game to its fullest, and they strive to accomplish this with a feeling of community spirit.


Recruitment is normaly done by one of our officers, or by leaving a message at our forum, under: "aanmelding DDB". Do note however, that we are a fully dutch speaking guild/alliance, so we only take dutch-speaking members. And also don't forget to read our rules and guidelines ;).

Leader: Anuk Su Namun
Officers: Berlain, Dagoh Ur I, El Do, Ellisia, Gappo Healer, Minion The Monk, Multi Compleet, Slaughter, Spawn Of The Light, Thunder Hawkj, Vita Dolce, (IGN names, in alphabetical order)
Part of the Dutch GW2 Community: Dutch GW2 Community


Howling Voids Alliance
Leader Howling Voids
Members Dutch Doom Brigade • Fine Talkers • Gathering Of TweakersLimburgse Jagers • Swords And Tulips • The True Heavy Duty Guild • We Are Inqontrol

Credit for this page goes to the Limburgse Jagers guildpage ;)
Footnote : DDB Will be re-activated during the headstart of GuildWars 2 (Far Shiverpeaks)