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Elemental Priests of Sol [EPoS]

Elemental Priests Of Sol [EPoS]
Guild elemental-priests-of-sol cape.png
Territory Europe
Faction Kurzick
Type PvP/PvE
No. of members 4
Guild Hall Isle of the Dead

EPoS is a small guild that was founded with the intent of creating new friendships with people from all around the world. Our website can be found via the following link. The link to the forums are located in the navigation bar of the website.


We accept all players, however, we do require that you speak reasonable English so that you can easily communicate with other members. If you want to join, just contact Isiah Sol or Monkanator L


Kurzick Banner

At the moment our Guild is the member of the Kurzick alliance led by the Guild Vice Versa [VV]. We are Kurzick and Proud.‎ We joined the [VV] alliance after the leader (Isiah Sol) met an officer of the Hiljaiset Tappajat (Rael Harris). After befriending each other, Rael asked on the guild's behest to join [VV], after a lot of missions throughout Factions to get to House zu Heltzer, we finally join the alliance. Since that day, there has never been a moment where we regretted joining them.

Contact information

Leader: Isiah Sol

Officers: Lyrical Wyzrd, Delicious Diamond

Members: Bamse King

Guild Trivia

  • Though Isiah Sol may see calm and friendly, get on his bad side and you may regret it.
  • [EPoS] has an undying loyalty to the [VV] alliance. Asking us to join others may cause some scolding from the members.
  • Isiah Sol and Rael Harris first met on the EotN Sneak-Peak Weekend in the EotN region where Rael was trying to sell Monument Tapestries.

V I C E V E R S A Alliance
Leader V I C E V E R S A
Members Hiljaiset Tappajat • Elemental Priests of Sol • Santas Soldiers • The Guards Of Dwayna • Archers Anonymous