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Embark Beach Travel Agency [EBTA]
Embark Beach Travel Agency
Guild Embark Beach Travel Agency cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Leader Oscar Mayerwiener
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members ~10
Guild Hall Hunter's Isle
Time zone US EST

About Us

Embark Beach Travel Agency [EBTA] will take you wherever you need to go! We've got you, two tickets to paradise! Pack your bags, you'll leave tonight!

EBTA is a very small and very casual PvX guild fighting for the Luxons. Believe it or not, it's still active as of 2018! We have no set goal but the few of us that remain are mainly title-seekers who still enjoy questing, doing missions, vanquishes, dailies, etc. Not much PVP going on though we do enjoy Alliance Battles and Jade Quarry when the bonus week comes around. We don't farm UW, FoW, or MQSC every day. Been there, done that. If that's what you want, we aren't what you want.

2016.08.18 Left our current (dead) alliance. If you're looking for a guild to join you, send a whisper. Doesn't matter how large or small the guilds/alliance is.

Guild Policy and Rules

You don't have to donate faction or be online daily, weekly, monthly, or anything like that. The game is old now, just play at your own leisure. Please don't spam wtb/wts, beg, or be a butthead... the guild is pretty laid back.

Not so much a rule but we use the alliance chat, not the guild chat. Not that you can't use the guild chat... but we work together as one and help each other out... so please use the alliance chat.

Website (community Facebook page)

Contact information

Leader: Mesmer Oscar Mayerwiener

Officers: Ritualist Raggety Andy, Ritualist Raggity Ann


Embark Beach Travel Agency Alliance
Leader Embark Beach Travel Agency
Members Unknown