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Fallen Rebels Of The Black Rose [Wckd]
User BrucePhoenix Cape BR01.jpg
Territory North America
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 1
Guild Hall Isle Of The Dead
VoIP TeamSpeak 2
Webpage Phoenix Dynasty

Guild-Logo.png Fallen Rebels Of The Black Rose [Wckd]

Re-Formed on the 4th of November, 2016 [Wckd] has become a family oriented guild. Our focus is on helping each other and enjoying the fun PvE has to offer. Focusing primarily on Pre Ascalon and the Starter Islands of Factions and Nightfall.

Guild-Logo.png Activities[edit]

Loads and loads of group stuff, whether it is assisting each other in Quests & Missions or clearing some area in Hard Mode, we also find a way to have fun and make some gold. People who need help, will be helped, even if you are not part of the PhD Alliance!!

Guild-Logo.png Who can Join?[edit]

Anyone is welcome to join [Wckd] as we are always recruiting. Though the guild is kept small and personal, we are always willing to give someone that is like minded a try. Although anyone is welcome to join it is asked that members treat everyone in the guild with respect and that they are over 16 years old; but if you're interested, just ask Lady Alyssa Phoenix or any of the officers and we can meet up.

Guild-Logo.png Guild Members[edit]

Guild Leader(s):[edit]

Guild Officers:[edit]

Guild Members:[edit]

My Alliance Partners[edit]

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Phoenix Dynasty Alliance
Leader Phoenix Dynasty
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