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Get Your Lightning Shield Its [RTL]

Get Your Lightning Shield Its [RTL]
Guild Get Your Lightning Shield Its cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English - Australian
Leader Rolain Wynter
Faction Kurzick
Type PvP - HA
No. of members 18
Guild Hall Wizards Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Time zone American EST

We are Get Your Lightning Shield Its [RTL]! We were once We Kite Holding Hands [ミズズズ] and after that Old N Dirty [ym]. All of which have been epic, halls dominating guilds. We are dedicated to winning HA with our various builds and members can often be seen on observer winning Halls matches . =D You'll occasionally also see us playing in teams with friends of ours in.


We are RTL and we aren't recruiting. So there.

Activity is favoured over rank. However, we don't carry or babysit players. You are expected to be able to play certain builds. Having the skills required for a build =/= being able to run the build. As a result, we require r6/7+ to join. If you're not, PM the officers in any case and we'll see about holding a trial for you. However, it is much more likely that you'll get into the guild. So, make sure you have a) The skills that you need and b) Knowledge of how to use them.

Find us on Guild Wars 2 at Sea of Sorrows! =D

We Run

Elementalist Mathway//Sf Spike
Ranger Rspike
RitualistSpirit Strength Ritway
MesmerMesmer Invoke Spike (Pro players get bored too)

Our core runs the dedicated build that our guild is named after.

Contact information

Elementalist.png Rolain Wynter

Ritualist.png Ixl Wish Ixl
Monk.png Ixl Soup Ixl
Monk.png Archer Henchamn
Assassin.png Yak Teh H B Pro

Get Your Lightning Shield Its Alliance
Leader Get Your Lightning Shield Its
Members Dont Fear The Creeper • Tomb Refugees