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Gods Walking Among The Mortals [Hunt]

Gods Walking Among The Mortals [Hunt]
Guild Gods Walking Among The Mortals cape.jpg
Territory Global
Language English
Leader Vengeful T E H K O
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE / Title Hunters
No. of members 23
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP Skype & Ventrilo
Time zone EST

This is what we are all about – 10% Luck, 50% Skill, 20% Concentrated power of will, 15% Pleasure, 5% Pain and a 100% Reason to remember that if you can’t earn it by yourself you don’t deserve it! Welcome and enjoy your stay.

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Here is something about us. We had a guild formed in 4/29/2005 Liquid Flame [SV], and we never did one of those big guilds full with kids. Our numbers rarely go above 20-30 members. We preferred to have a small but elite guild. We cover every possible aspect of the PvE game – you name it we did it . We are all title hunters – coz let’s face it after a certain point what else is left to do in the PvE game. In March 2007 I disband the guild and we create a new one, because ever since I found out that the names of the Guilds will also be reserved for GW2, we wanted to create a guild with a new name that we are going to use also in Guild Wars 2 (back in the days we didn’t even have a choice to create a guild with a long name like that). After a while few of us wanted to experience something new so we move to LOTRO, after 6-8 months of playing we beat the game with multiple characters and did tons of titles. But all this time we had that feeling that we are missing something – needless to say that was our friends and alliance in GW. Rest of it was easy, we got together – we talked, and the next day we were back to the good old place called Guild Wars. For our surprise, everything in our old alliance was a complete mess, people leaving, guilds falling apart, all the things that you would expect if you don’t have a strong leadership. The only thing worth saving was our old loyal members that are still waiting for our return. This is how the merge happened – Wings of Tombs [WoT] and Puppet Killers [kill] merge to [Hunt] along with them a few good friends join us too.


We are looking for people who will stay with us for a long time (hopefully all the way till Guild Wars 2 come out), and all of us can rejoin there with the same guild name and friendship that we build now. All of us are mature and have their families and kids at home, this is why sometimes we can’t play as much as we like to, but we always find at least an hour a day in worst case scenario to login and say: Hey ppl, how are you?

- Mostly PvE guild but few people working on the Kurz or Luxon title and RA, HB from time to time (Faction Donations are NOT required}

- Currently we are Kurz alliance. But because of the nature of title hunting, we have at our disposal few sister guilds, that are in Luxon Site so whatever our members farm Luxon or Kurz pts they are able to unload Factions from both sides.

- Currently we have 23 members - Located in US & Europe

- All Members are Title Hunters few already have 30 maxed (Our Goal is till GW2 come out all of us to have 30 maxed on one character at lest –so we live up to the name of the guild)- Our playing time is from 8-9pm EST (-5 GMT) up to 3-4-5 -6am EST

- Average playing time on each one of us is 3-6h per day and more in the weekends

- The age of the members in the guild is from 24 to 52 years of age

If you like the above you can read below some more info for us and the requirement we like for the new members to have. If not, good luck and enjoy the game.

Membership Guidelines and Bylaws:[1]

- The requirement for our new members is:

- To be Mature.

- No Cursing, no whining, no begging.

- Avoid any Political/Race/Religion discussions in guild/ally chat.

- To have 15 max titles or at least close to 15 maxed (because lets face it for a serious title hunter to get the first 10 titles it’s a breeze) this way most of our player will be on the same level.

- To have all 4 games with HM open everywhere.

Anyone who is currently in a dieing guild and is looking for active people is welcome to join us. Anyone who is in a guild full of kids and is tired from the whining that someone can’t beat some mission in noob island with h/h is welcome to join us. Anyone who beat all 4 games and realize that nothing is left to do except titles or start a new character and do everything all over is welcome to join.

Join our small title hunter’s brotherhood and enjoy the game with us. Let’s have some fun together and make ready to kick some butt in GW2

Happy [Hunt]ing.....

Guild Progress on the GWAMM (6) Title


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Contact information

[Hunt] Leader:

[Hunt] Officers:

[Hunt] Members:

  • The Onix, Jin Rigato, Tal Lightbringer, Rit Lord Dray, Sharon Lifebringer, Dx Mylite, Arion Lightfoot, Artio Mider, Malachi Corvinus, Sarah Marie King, The Inevitable Cold, Allia Sum Eer, I Lord Braska I, Ketch Me, Riany Ayla, Killinallo Hellbane, Richard Parker

Gods Walking Among The Mortals Alliance
Leader Gods Walking Among The Mortals
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