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The Guardians Of Redwall [GOR]

Guardians Of Redwall [GOR]
File:Guild Guardians Of Redwall cape.jpg
Leader Kezrin Veinlash
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation

We are not a very big guild, nor very well known, but we plan to expand. If you wish to join, add Kezrin to your friends list. When he is online ask for an invite! We are looking for people who love AB, although, we'll except all comers. Also, any new Kurzick guilds looking for an alliance, do the same.

Guild Hall

Isle of Meditation aka 'Redwall'

Contact Information


  • Kezrin Veinlash


  • Master Jack Kelly


We are primarily an AB guild, although we do a bit of PvE/PvP/GvG.


Guardians Of Redwall Alliance
Leader Guardians Of Redwall
Members Escape This Fate • Protectors Of The Chaos Rift • The Nephilim • The Pure Demons Of Kodash • The Ursan Clan