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Guild Of Handicrafted Products [MaSS]
Guild Guild Of Handicrafted Products cape.jpg
Territory Global
Language English
Leader Saphor Artalion
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 60+
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
VoIP Ventrillo
Forums MaSS Forum

Guild Of Handicrafted Products [MaSS]

MaSS (Guild Of Handicrafted Products) is a guild created by Vladislav The Hairy on 8th July 2006. It was set up by Vladislav the Hairy and Johns Pet for people to enjoy the game together and the original members were all from Macclesfield, United Kingdom. The origins of the name remain unknown. However, there are many stories, tales and myths on the origins of MaSS.
Before long, the guild started to expand by including members from afar and taking people in whom also share the ideals of the game and has since enjoyed one another's company. There have been members from at least 11 nations that have been with MaSS and although many have been deemed inactive over time, the guild has never kicked anyone due to inactivity.

Mission Statement

We are... a PVE guild, with some PVP interests.
We ask our members to be nice... try not to offend too many people at once.
Our goal is to have fun... and if it comes up, we'll take over the world.

— [MaSS]


MaSS does not actively recruit. Even so, the guild provides a safe and fun environment for anyone to play at whatever level of ability.

Recently activity has dwindled :(

Contact Information

  • Guild Leader: Saphor Artalion
  • Alyssa Orr
  • Daro Vidarsson
  • Nukus Bruceus
  • Old Scarecrow
  • Tycow McMoocow
  • Ugg Mcfly
  • The Phone Book
Guild Of Handicrafted Products
Imperial Isle
Region Cantha
Environment Effects Acid Trap
mperial Isle map

The Batcave (Guild Hall)

The current location of the Batcave is the Wizards Isle and we have all the facilities available, except for a drinks dispenser. This changes whenever people are bored with the current surroundings.

Guild Of Handicrafted Products Alliance
Leader Guild Of Handicrafted Products
Members From Dutch Till • Fun Love Tiger Wish Guild • Gata Gata Buru Buru Nya • Het Is Gratis • Letz Get • Organised Spam • P O D M O R N I C A