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Guild Of Treasure Hunters [GoTH]

Guild Of Treasure Hunters [GoTH]
Guild Guild Of Treasure Hunters cape.jpg
Language English
Leader I Am An Elementist
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE & Social
No. of members ~35
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation

Guild of Treasure Hunters is a four year old guild. Our focus is on PvE play with some AB or RA just for fun. We play across all 3 campaigns and the EOTN expansion. Our officers have a variety of characters they can bring to a mission when help is requested.

We do ask that our members not swear in chat since several of us feel it leads to drama (and some have children that often read over our shoulders). Also we don't discuss sex, religion or politics in guild or alliance channels as a matter of good manners or recount any illegal activites. On the whole our conversations are pretty laid back, but maybe that's because all the members are introverts. All of the above are also hard and fast rules in alliance chat.

We enjoy helping all levels of players in the game. Turning newbs on to the fun in the games is as exciting as helping with an end game mission! Our officers are knowledgeable and if they don't know the answer to your question they will look it up at their first opportunity. We also take the time to teach a player how to get the most out of using Guild Wiki and our forums!


Full hall, no minimum level needed, no alliance faction daily deposit required: see our contact info below to get in touch with us

Contact information

You can reach us in game by PMing I Am A Elementist

Unknown Alliance
Leader Unknown
Members Unknown