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Guild happy froggies banner.jpg
Happy Froggies HPY
Guild Wars Happy Froggies cape.jpg
Territory Europe (France)
Language French, English
Faction Luxon
Type PvE
No. of members 10
Guild Hall Warrior's Isle
VoIP Skype, TeamSpeak
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January 2007, the 8th, the guild Happy Froggies was born. The leader, Lili Frog, decided it was time to tribute the frogs. Very quickly, she was followed by Kii Mii to second her. Then, a lot of brave and fearless adventurers came to support them in their history. Even if there's some status in the guild, as leader or officier, everyone is considered with the same respect. The reason to live of the guild is to play together and have fun. The guild will remain active no matter what happens. In game or in the forum.

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The Froggies

Leader :
Officer :
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External links

Guild Forum A registration is needed, as well as a minimum participation.

Guildwarseries A fansite on Guild Wars, you'll find there the adventures of Lili Frog.

Les Gardiens du Glitter Alliance
Leader Les Gardiens du Glitter
Members Dingo Alert • Happy Froggies • Legions of Mega Death • Vizcacha Also Eat

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