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History Repeats Itself [Cry][edit]

History Repeats Itself [Cry]
Guild History Repeats Itself cape.jpg
Territory European flag.png Europe
Language French
Faction Kurzick.png Kurzick
Type PvP
Cape trim Gold
No. of members 14
Guild Hall Frozen Isle
VoIP TeamSpeak
Forums Cry forum

We are a GvG guild, however most of us just like to have fun and sing karaoke. We won the monthly GvG tournament in May and then decided that we are somewhat decent. The current guild rank, along with its history, can be found here

Accomplishments in "History Repeats Itself [Cry]"[edit]

Core Roster[edit]

The core roster consists of players who regularly play in Automated Tournaments with the guild:

  • Bounty Is A Tank
  • Heliana The Angry
  • Dhaina Goes Ranger
  • Le Spnk
  • Tuberosum Solanum (Pomme)
  • Nimble Night
  • M O Z I L L A
  • Raine Spiritua

Honorable Mentions

  • I Zed I
  • Fairwell Elojah
  • Bitty Bong Bong

Rebel Rising Extended Edition Alliance
Leader Rebel Rising Extended Edition
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