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Holy Old Smurf (historical) [HOS]
Guild Holy Old Smurf cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Faction Kurzick
Type primarily PvE
No. of members 20-30
Guild Hall Imperial Isle

Holy Old Smurf [HOS]

Holy Old Smurf was founded by our present leader, Archer Smurf, and one of our Officers, Smurf Minions. Although the Guild started as a meeting point for friends, it quickly grew to a moderate size Guild. New players are always welcome, even if you are not very active.


Holy Old Smurf was founded in January 2006
Holy Old Smurf joined the Dutch Doom Brigade on 10/28/2006.


Being a Dutch Guild and in a Dutch alliance, only people speaking Dutch will be able to join. Whereas Holy Old Smurf is primarely focused on PvE, other Guilds in our Alliance do enjoy some occasional PvP. If you want to join our Guild, feel free to message our Guildleader or one of our Officers. New people will be given a brief summary of our rules upon entry.

Contact information

Guild Leader
Guild Officers
Guild Members
  • Aeromancer Koen

Guild Forums

Dutch Doom Brigade Alliance
Leader Dutch Doom Brigade
Members Gathering Of TweakersHoly Old SmurfLimburgse JagersOrder Of The FlameseekersThe Temple Of Time • Fratres In Aeternum