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Imperial Luxon Army [ILA]

Imperial Luxon Army [ILA]
Guild Imperial Luxon Army cape.jpg
Language English
Leader Aya Shadowwalker
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members 25
Guild Hall Nomad's Isle

Est: July 14, 2009

New On the GW Scene [ILA] promises a fun, mature, drama free zone for you to play this great game we are all addicted to.

So if you want to have fun playing with people who like GW as much as you [ILA] is perfect for you!


1. We'll take the freshest newbee to the most seasoned pro.

2. Keeping the faction up would be nice.

3. Please keep the drama to a minimum.

Contact information

Guild Leader:

  • Aya Shadowwalker

Guild Officers:

  • Zafir Ulrike
  • Spiritcaller Eria
  • My Forzen Tears

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