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Martyrs To The Air [StrM]

Martyrs To The Air [StrM]
Guild Martyrs To The Air cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Faction Luxon
Type PvP/PvE
No. of members ~90
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
VoIP Mumble
Webpage Martyrs Forums

Martyrs To The Air is a well established and respected guild within the guild wars community . We have branches in all parts of the game , whether that's alliance battles , elite missions or just casually doing a mission .We strive to provide a helpful community that gives something to all members in our community , whether that's helping members with their first steps into the game , or getting others their last maxed titles . Great people, warm and welcoming. Teamwork, maturity and fun can all be found here,at [StrM]!

Leaders and Officers

Guild Leader

  • Sir Big Cat

Guild Officers

  • Lauren Necris
  • Fire Ninja Phil
  • X Bribri X
  • Hime no Shinigami
  • Eekhoorntje Dodi
  • Loop Troop Monl


Martyrs is always looking for new members who can provide something for the community. To join us there are 2 things you could do: either contact one of our officers in game, and/or register on the forums and post an application, to prove you use the resources the guild provides. We also appreciate it if members use Mumble.

We are currently becoming a more PvE-based guild, with aims based around: General PvE; Elite areas; Title hunting; but also Casual PvP.

Alliance Timetable

The system of alliance events is currently being reworked.

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