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Kirins Of Holy Light 聖光麒麟
Guild Kirins Of Holy Light cape.jpg
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 25+
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP Ventrilo
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Guild Kirins Of Holy Light Smallkirin.gif Guild Details

Kirins of Holy Light (聖光麒麟) is a social PvE guild guided by Yakuza Onesan and Koreena Anchalis. It was formed in July 2006 by the active members of Kirins of Chaos (KoC) who felt a new name was needed with the coming release of the third Guild Wars chapter, to follow the theme of vanquishing the darkness that is Nightfall.

  • Kirins of Holy Light members focus primarily on casual PvE gameplay. Our members play for fun and move at the pace they are comfortable with. Our members are rather self sufficent but we do enjoy helping each other through troublesome missions and quests.
  • Though the guild's home is listed as Taiwan (needed to achieve the Chinese characters in the guild tag) the majority of members are based in North America.
  • We do not kick members due to inactivity. Some of our guildies are constant, some are binge players, some play just a couple hours each week or month.
  • Most guild activity is in mid/late evenings for the east US coast timezones (GMT-5).

Guild Guidelines

The following is what is requested of members:

  • Be courteous to others.
  • Be willing to help others progress in the game when able to.
  • Be social and join in to guild and alliance chats and activities.
  • Understand that real life does take prescience. Many members have children so an understanding that "baby breaks" are needed when least expected.
  • Do not use leetspeak or abuse the English language. This is important. "U" "O" "C" "Y" and "R" are letters, not words.
  • Do not beg for money and items. Members are generous and will often share to a point. We believe in the "Teach a man to fish" approach to gaining possessions and position in the game.
  • Minimum age of 17 years old. This may be bent if a current member of Kirins will vouch for the maturity of any under this marker.


  • Guild halls with assorted NPCs including storage, merchant, and rune trader. (They are the only ones members really have a regular use for.) KoC has a skill trainer in hall for the purpose of easy Signets of Capture.
  • Ventrillo 3 server.
  • Guild webpage. Contains information relevant to play such as often used builds, guides for trade and salvaging, downloadables such as wallpapers, and forums available for alliance use. Address is reserved for members and alliance eyes only at this time.

Guild Kirins Of Holy Light Smallkirin.gif Recruitment

Members gained after the initial migration have been gathered through meeting through gameplay or through the new guild advertisements on . There have been brief periods where membership was attempted to be boosted through recruitment ads in major game towns but these members rarely stayed on.

Recruitment and application page  : Our activity has greatly decreased and we are coasting along until GW2 so we can not offer much more than some self sufficient but friendly players to game with. If you are still interested, feel free to send in the application anyways or contact one of the leaders in game.

Guild Kirins Of Holy Light Smallkirin.gif Contact Information

In game : Yakuza Onesan (leader), Koreena Anchalis (officer and co-leader), Mopper Power (officer)

Guild Kirins Of Holy Light Smallkirin.gif Guild Achievements

While the guild has not won any PvP or GvG tourneys (or even matches for that matter), it does have members that have shown noteworthy achievements in the various GW art contests. User:Koreena Anchalis has won places in 5 contests.

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Kirins of Holy Light Alliance
Leader Kirins of Holy Light
Members Kirins of Chaos • Not Too Shabby Bookas • Quit Barkin If U Dont Bite • Secret Ops Tactical Squad • The Kiss Of Twilight • Chaotic Commandos • Warriors and Raiders