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Let Me Write It Down In My Care [Book]
Guild Let Me Write It Down In My Care cape.jpg
Territory European flag.png Europe
Language UK flag.png English
Leader Rudi Does Care
Faction Kurzick
Type PvP
Cape trim Silver
No. of members 11
Guild Hall Uncharted Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Time zone GMT
Owl cape emblem.png
Let Me Write It Down In My Care [Book]

Guild was founded in May, 2009. The current guild rank - along with it's history - can be found here

Owl cape emblem.png

12th Place, June GvG Championships 2010

5th Place, May GvG Championship 2010

13th Place, April GvG Championship 2010

11th Place, March GvG Championship 2010

11th Place, February GvG Championship 2010

14th Place, January GvG Championship 2010

22th Place, October GvG Championship 2009

27th Place, July GvG Chapmionship 2009

17th Place, June GvG Championship 2009

Owl cape emblem.png

If we might need new players for our core roster, we will get them with private invitation only.

Our recruitment is currently closed and you should get in contact with one of our members in case of high interest only.

Owl cape emblem.png

The core roster consists of players who regularly play in Automated Tournaments with the guild:

  • Rudi Does Care (Rudi)
  • Mike Does Care (Mike)
  • Chavas R Us (Chris)
  • Meant To Do That (Jamie)
  • Yannou Mesmer (Yannou)
  • Lum Lum Lum Lum Lum (Patrick)
  • Max Careface (Max)
  • Mini Warlord (Damien)
  • Eyes Of The Insane (Laniq)
  • I Sihoe I (Robin)

Honorable Mentions:

  • J E N L I C I O U S (Jen)
  • Shy Ayumi (Dennis)
  • Angel Of Athens (Sam)
  • Pro Ductive (Pete)
  • Spellmaster Cody (Cody)
  • Icy Rynn (Rynn)
  • Mechanical Heart (Mechanical)
  • C A R E P O L I C E (Seb)

Dangerous Pumpkins Alliance
Leader Dangerous Pumpkins
Members Edible Granite Pencil • Insert Guildname • Let Me Write It Down In My Care • Math Club Party Crew • Nespresso What • Parcie Na Szklo • Seppuku Paradigm • Young Money Merger