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Long Forgotten Gods [GODS]
Guild Long Forgotten Gods cape.jpg
Territory US-CAN
Language English
Leader Kitana A T
Faction Faction (Kurzick).jpg Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 50 + and growing
Guild Hall Isle of Solitude
Time zone US-CAN

We are a pvx guild and recently formed a new alliance with Northland Army. We are now looking for guilds to join us and build up a strong union for GW2. We are a group of laid back people who like to have fun and do everything from GvG to FoWsc.


We are currently accepting new members into the guild. Must be active, have a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn and grow along with the rest of us.


You can get in touch with Kitana A T, Nickey Caretaker, Torque Baby or Vv Madbull vV in-game for an invite.


  • Northland Army [NA] Alliance

  • NA - Northland Army
  • GODS - Long Forgotten GODS •
  • TUAT - Tankers Without a Tank