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The Luna Wolves [Luna], Founded 1582CC[edit]

Luna Wolves [Luna]
Guild Luna Wolves cape.jpg
Years active 12 years and 241 days
Territory Europe
Language English
Leader Primarch Horus
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members ~15
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP Teamspeak 3
Time zone GMT


Founded by Horus in November 2006, the Luna Wolves was originally created as a guild for 3 friends to easily contact each other in-game. As Horus was, at the time, the only experienced player and the only one who could afford the guild expenses, he became guild leader and chose the guild hall to be located on the Isle of Meditation, as it reminded him of Shing Jea Monastery, which was his first impression of the game, but also his previous guild The Flight of Dragons, who had also been located on the Isle of Meditation. Joining as the first officers were Seikon Magus and Scythe Spider -- the founding three. After many members passing through the Luna Wolves, the roster is now lined with a small group of friends who saw the guild through its fluctuating membership.


The Luna Wolves strive to be a 'no-pressure' guild - just a group of friends who are there to game with, or just chat with. As a group they don't take part in PvP regularly, but enjoy a group battle from time to time. Mostly, the guild participates in group PvE, helping newer members through campaigns, farming together for Guild goals (such as Hall upgrades or members armour) or just having fun chopping up the Mantid outside Shing Jea Monastery.

New players are encouraged to introduce themselves, and the guild members will usually address each other on a first name basis so as to keep formalities low. Most conversation is held using the guild chat, so everyone is given a chance to contribute. A sense of humour is definitely required!


Founded shortly after the release of Factions, the Luna Wolves slowly grew in numbers for the first 3 months of existence. Shortly after this, many of the new members left to start guilds of their own, leaving only the 3 founding members, plus the loyal few who stayed. After a year of so, with not much increase in membership, the members slowly became inactive, and a hiatus occurred throughout the Luna Wolves.

Activity started again at the beginning of Summer 2008, when 2 new members, personal friends of the founding three, came to the land of Cantha after purchasing their first copies of Guild Wars. Within 3 days every member of the Luna Wolves seemed to become actiive again, and since their joining activity has kept high. The Wolves now participate in regular PvP events (although still uphold a 'Were not into faction-farming' mentality), and many PvE events, and new members are once again joining the ranks of the Luna Wolves.

0/0/0 - God sneezed and accidentally created the universe.

Roughly 2 million years ago - Man created Pacman by moving rocks around on the floor and uttering "waka", the only word in the dictionary. Coincidentally, "waka" meant "ug".

Probably a "few" years later - Incredibly bored Egyptians invented card games.

10/12/1993 - The popular video game Doom is released.

22/06/1996 - Doom clone Quake is released.

05/05/1992 - (pre-emptive)Doom clone Wolfenstein 3D is released.

23/11/2004 - Doom clone World of Warcraft is released.

28/04/2005 - The first Guild Wars, Prophecies, is released!

28/04/2006 - Following on from the success, Factions is unleashed to the masses.

Sometime around here - Our guild is founded, the Luna Wolves!

27//10/2006 - Nightfall joins the Wars, and cements its place in history.

31/08/2007 - And finally, Eye of the north makes its appearance.

15/07/2008 - The Luna Wolves join The Big Kahunas Alliance.

08/10/2008 - The Luna Wolves change their cape to have more of a 'wolfish' emblem.

12/01/2009 - Massive expansion within the guild pushes our player count up to 300. We now have players dedicated to getting others to join.

02/02/2009 - "Luna Wolves | Luxon | Cape + FULL hall | All levels WELCOME, friendly guild +300 players" becomes one of the most spammed messages in Guild Wars history, pushing "WTS WAND!!" down from its number one spot.

29/04/2009 - The Guild peaks at 700 players. Averages of between 400 to 600 players are online at any given time, and the Guild chat ranks more messages per hour than most major in-game cities.

05/05/2009 - With the massive popularity of the Luna Wolves Guild, many smaller guilds such as the Solar Wolves, the Lunar W0lvez, and the United Aussie Warriors are crushed and their players flee to the Luna Wolves

06/09/2009 - After hiatus from the guild for several months, the Guild Founders return from their university studies to check up on Guild progress. They are surprised to learn that Luna Wolves players now have districts within most of the in game locations dedicated to them, and massive 200 vs 200 PvP battles have been set up specifically for Guild battles.

X/X/2009 - Guild Wars 2 is released, and the Guild Founders plus Officers create the Luna Wolves guild within it. Massive promotion within the Guild causes a record number of sales for Guild Wars 2 and active player count almost reaches that of World of Warcraft. With the huge transition from GW1 to GW2, the Luna Wolves become the biggest Guild in Guild Wars history with over 9000 active players.

01/03/2010 - The name, Luna Wolves, is now the number 1 guild name used in gaming history for any game, since it long since broke its "Guild Wars only" constraint and flooded over to other games.

06/01/2010 - A rename of the title system used in the Guild places Guild Overlords Primarch Horus, Seikon Magus and Scythe Spider with their appropriate title. Further name changes are Shadow operative Arthen Uchiha and Honorable-Norn Volvient Tersias.

05/04/2010 - A man is arrested hassling Guild Overlord Primarch Horus about why the guild is called "Luna" and not "Lunar". He later died in police custody from what is being described as a "fatal head wound created by a projectile weapon from a police officer". The circumstances are still unknown.

25/12/2010 - For a christmas present, ArenaNet decide to give the Luna Wolves Guild Overlords their very own Guild Wars 2 server. Within days, it is full to capacity.

2011 - A new religion is formed around the Luna Wolves, and the Guild Overlords and officers become official bishops within it. Guild Overlord Primarch Horus becomes the World's first Space Pope.

2015 - World hunger is solved by the Luna Food industry.

201X - Guild Wars 3 becomes a Mac and Linux native game (finally) and world peace is announced.

As you can see, we have a lot to live up to. But we're getting there!

Guild Law[edit]

Although the Luna Wolves prefer to keep everything on an informal, relaxed basis, their are only a few rules which we like to follow to keep things ordered.

  • 1st Rule: Be sensible - we all have a sense of humour, but don't be an outright idiot.
  • 2nd Rule: No spamming - no-one on our roster is interested in your spam, regardless of what it features.
  • 3rd Rule: Don't ask for promotions. Please - if your only goal is to reach Officer status, look somewhere else. We don't appoint officers unless we really have to, and even then only those who prove themselves responsible enough will get the position.


To contact the guild, leave a note on Horus' or Seikons' talk page.


  • Current members of the Luna Wolves should add the following user box onto their Wiki page: {{Guild:Luna_Wolves/Userbox}} .