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No Soup For [You][edit]

The No Soup For [You] WebRadio station can be found at

No Soup For [You]
Territory America
Language English
Leader Orukia Sakura
No. of members 30+
Guild Hall
Guild hall icon.png
Hunter's Isle, full hall
VoIP Ventrilo


No Soup For [You] recruiting! Luxon|Full Hall|Full Ally|Ally Leader|Active|Mature|Daily Events/GvG|Website|Ventrilo|Radio -Taken from the guild recruiting pitch.

Contact information[edit]

  • Orukia Sakura - Guild Leader.

Guild Officers

  • Ashe Jurai
  • Ithica Forscythe
  • Ser Magnus Maximus
  • Sofia Anroth
  • Borne Leader
  • Necron The Horrible
  • Ajax Slayer
  • Crazy Mad Healing
  • Instinct Blues
  • The Supremer

No Soup For [You] Alliance
Leader No Soup For [You]
Members Not Worth The Time [Fool] • Aion Angels [AA] • Embassy Of Light [EOL] • Forever The Sickest Kids [FTSK] • No Sleep Til Death [RiP] • No Sleep Til Death [AURA] • Team Sea Slug [SEA] • The Knights Of The Ecto Dragons [KOED] • You Will Remember Our [NAME]