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User Xelnaga German Flag.jpg Strike As One [Team]

Strike As One [Team]
Guild Strike As One cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language User Xelnaga German Flag.jpg
Leader Riku Ftww
Faction Kurzick
Type PvP
No. of members ~13
Guild Hall Burning Isle
VoIP Teamspeak³
Time zone CET/UTC+1

Bisherige Erfolge

  • 27th Place, GvG Championchip June 2008



  • Leader: Riku Ftww
  • Officer: Alex The Dj
  • Officer: Reia Leafcaller
  • Officer: Pace Goes Mesmer
  • Officer: Il Captain Obvious Il
  • Officer: Warangel Eldrith
  • Officer: L A D Y Of Destiny
  • Officer: Che Fantaa

Unknown Alliance
Leader Unknown
Members Unknown