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Sword of Justice [SOJ][edit]

Guild Sword Of Justice logo.jpg

Sword Of Justice [SOJ]
Guild Sword Of Justice cape2.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English
Leader Marcus The Cube
Faction Kurzick
Type Social, PvE
No. of members 50
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP Teamspeak 3
Webpage SOJ
Time zone CET


We started in January 2006 as a guild regrouping real life friends and people we met before in the game - just a couple of people that liked to play & discover the game together. Fortunately step by step a lot of nice people joined us. The german guild Die Schwarze Kralle who was the first "guild of the month" at the end of 2006, in 2007 the Ancient Circle joined our alliance. On special occasions we have a guild cape design contest and change our guild cape's design for a limited time (you can find them here).

Guild aims[edit]

The aim of the guild is and always was to have fun playing together without getting into serious competition inside or outside the guild or the alliance. Nowadays we try to fill the time until GW2 will be released with regularly scheduled guild activities and enjoy gaming in a relaxed way.
Of course we went through some ups and downs and stand now as a group of people enjoying to play the game in a friendshiplike atmosphere.
Our members come from all over the english speaking world, from Sweden to South Africa and Canada. Guild activities are scheduled usually on (European time zone) evenings by the guild officers but also members are encouraged to make the guild life more colourful and varied.


Leader: Marcus The Cube

Officers: Linda the Furious, Vanye Truelight, Curassis Ilmensen.


We don't have any particular requirements, but we ask for "mature" (usually 18+) and friendly players who are willing to give as well as take.
We would like them to participate in the guilds or the alliances activities, join us on Teamspeak and discuss things with us on our forum.

- "PvP megalomaniacs" (again, PvP interest is fine, but we are not a primarily PvP guild),
- "Noobs" (those who know everything better & can not hold themselves back from using the word noob in every third sentence),
- "Cape-wearers" (the silent, anonymous players who just fill up the roster and play GW as a single-player game) need not apply.

The reason this guild exists is because we like to play together! We are always looking for nice people that want to join us!
We recruit only for GW2 at the moment. But we may play GW from time to time together :)

Please apply in our forum.


We are also looking for a guild sharing the same interests. The aim of the alliance would not be faction farming for whatever pupose but to broaden the spectrum of the existing alliance. Alliance language is English, but of course guilds from all over the world are welcome!
Please contact us over our forum if you are interested.

Contact information[edit]

InGame: Contact any officer

Sword Of Justice Alliance
Leader Sword Of Justice
Members Schwarze Kralle • Ancient Circle