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Terra Noise

Terra Noise [Zraw]
Guild Terra Noise Cape.png
Language English / Deutsch
Leader I Impulsion I
Faction Luxon
Type PvE
Forums Zraw ForumZraw google+

Zraw was a highly experienced elite-area speed-clear guild primarily aimed at DoA. The Guild aimed at breaking all boundaries, do the impossible possible, and beat every record ever set - including their own. After several successful records and cutting-edge advances in speed-clear tactics, the Guild was de facto disbanded at the release of GW2.


Our main focus is DoA and we regularly form fast casual runs throughout the day and night. Our guild record in DoA is 17 minutes, but our casual runs usually take around 30-35 minutes. We use Trenchway tactics and require all members to be able to play at least 5 roles. Ultimately we aim to achieve the DoA record time of 14 minutes.

Our second focus is on UW where we form fast casuals a few evenings a week. Our best time is 14 minutes, and 17min 8man.

We rarely do FoW casual runs, however we recently got the new All-Time record of 7 minutes.

Other Areas
>>We usually form Deep once or twice a week, and do around 5 runs in a session. Our runs are usually around 10 minutes.
>>We occasionally do Urgoz which takes us around 10 minutes. We are also the proud current and all-time record holders with our epic 5mins Urgoz's run.
>>We rarely do dungeons. When we do, Bogroot's is the favorite one.

Guild Records

>> DoA - 17 minutes f, g, c, v
>> UW - 14 minutes
>> FoW - 7 minutes
>> The Deep - 7 minutes
>> Urgoz's Warren - 5 minutes


>>I Impulsion I
>>Agony Of Pains
>>Confused Ben
>>Hellifre The Mesmer
>>I M B A Kellerassel
>>Il Vaniljmunken Il
>>Holy Plavusa
>>Torks Reborn

Dhuum Stucker Alliance
Leader Dhuum Stucker
Members Baeren Brueder Orden • China Resturant Ong Bak • Hookah Cafe • Terra Noise • We Look For Bunga Bunga On • We R So Nooblike That We Play