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The Autonomy [火火火]

The Autonomy is a polish PvP guild. We play Heroes' Ascent and Snowball Tournaments during the Wintersday.

The Autonomy [火火火]
Guild The Autonomy cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Language Polish
Faction Kurzick
Type PvP
No. of members ~15
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
VoIP Mumble


The Autonomy has been created on 9th October 2009 by Sheep.


Recruitment is closed at the moment.


Forum: Thanks to Ordo Lupi Albi we share forum with them:


Our guild tag means 'fire, fire, fire'.

During the Wintersday 2009 we played 346 Snowball GvG matches.

During the Wintersday 2010 we played 246 Snowball GvG matches. We also won 2 tournaments.

[[Guild:The Autonomy [火火火]|The Autonomy [火火火]]] Alliance
Leader [[Guild:The Autonomy [火火火]|The Autonomy [火火火]]]
Members Unknown