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The Enternal Darkness [DARK]
The Enternal Darkness [DARK]
Guild The Enternal Darkness cape.jpg
Territory European flag.png Europe
Language UK flag.png English
Leader Aphrdoite The Holy
Faction Luxon.png Luxon
Type Hero's Handbook.png JQ/AB/FA/MQSC/VQ
No. of members The Tales of Young Heroes page.jpg 90-100
Guild Hall Guild hall icon.png Imperial Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Time zone International

DARK has now change its direction to High-end PvE / Speed Clears we are looking for capble members for UW/FoW/DoA and much more DARK has been around for over 6 years so we like to make sure we put 100% of are efforts in to everything and everyone.

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Spiritual Darkness[DARK] Our Guild History

Was the first Luxon DARK guild to be formed. We were originally a Guild Called Terror Of Shadows [ToS] but later changed to [DARK] The First Day DARK was made we reached 1Million Factions and joined SpL alliance. From there we went to the Aurios Mines Alliance and 5 weeks later we joined the Cavalon Alliance for a period lasting 2 Weeks. We then made the decision to leave the Cavalon Alliance becaue of the rules of Alliance Chat (which were far too constricting for our members) and amount the of other stuff that detracted from our enjoyment of te game. We then joined BGW on there crusade for Cavalon. We helped to take Cavalon With BGW when Jaypac got banned from Guild Wars unfortunately we only held for 2 two days. A year went past and we started up a aliiance with MKOD which owned Zos Shivros Channel for a short amount of time. As most of our members and officers had rank 12 Luxon we went Kurzick and within the first week of being Kurzick we were invited to the House Zu Heltzer Alliance as we were holding 4million factions, eventually we returned to the Luxon side and after a few reincarnations we are back as 'The Enternal Darkness' [DARK] and are here to claim what is ours.

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The Alliance Rules

1.Alliance Chat Rules

Please avoid:

  • Spamming, Trolling, Selling, Price Checks (Once or twice is ok but dont go constantly asking), Template Posting (again feel free to if someone asks for a build), Bad Language, Caps Lock, Betting, or Disrespect. Buying is permitted (which is odd, because selling isnt). Otherwise, use your common sense.
  • All of these rules are permitted in GUILD chat, except for the spamming and disrespect. Thank you.

2.Alliance/Guild General Rules

  • No Guild Hopping. You need prior permission from your current and desired guild leader in order to switch guilds within the alliance. We cannot stress enough that Guild hopping is not only a way to lose friends, but to make people think you're disloyal, should you have a problem take it up with an uninvolved officer who will be more than happy to help.
  • It's basically an unwritten rule that you do NOT beg for items/money.
  • There is NO requirement for faction but everyone is expected to try hit the guild set target.

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  • We're always on the look out for players!
  • 1 Week inactivity without prior explanation will result in kicking, (so no worries if you go on holiday, just tell someone)
  • We Want Everyone to Have At Least a Sin and Ritualist For Elite Areas aka FoW/UW
  • Help others with PvE if you are available
  • Must Have Vent For Elite Areas Even if you dont have a mic you can listen in.
  • We would prefer members to be 16 or over, or at the very least show a maturity of that sort of age.
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The Enternal Darkness have always complimented their strength with a love for fun and team activities:

0xp 8-player full Mount Qinkai Speed Clearing.

0xp Deep excursions.

0xp Underworld (Terraway) and Fissure Of Woe (Manly-Way) .

0xp Domain Of Anguish (Frost-way/Glavie-way).

0xp Volatic Spear Farm.

0xp Guild-wide celebrations of the festive events.

0xp more on the way :D

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Contact information



Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Aphrodite The Holy (Donny).

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg K R I C S U S (Jay).


  • Aurora Tarcia
  • Tummke Assassin
  • Jasons Warrior
  • Arcana Reaper
  • Marie Kate
  • Sun Bkazer
  • KDog The Mage

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Leader Unknown
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