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The Holy Service [Holy][edit]

The Holy Service [Holy]
Guild The Holy Service cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Faction Luxon
Type PvP/PvE
No. of members 40
Guild Hall Wizards Isle
VoIP Ventrilo

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Leaders and Officers[edit]

Guild Leader[edit]

  • Ele Ele Bambam

Guild Officers[edit]

  • Healing Kobra
  • William Leaffall
  • X Can U Blush X
  • Master Jango
  • Melany Silverspear
  • Femme Fatale II
  • Every Last Breath
  • Sharah Ilussan
  • Kingmaker I
  • Goddess Of Energy
  • Zero Nemesis
  • Torch On Fire
  • God Devill Jack


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Events in Guild/Alliance[edit]

Martyrs To The Flame Alliance
Leader Martyrs To The Flame
Members Dark Tormented • Legend Of The Chaos Warriors • Martyrs To The Air • Martyrs To The Ancients • Martyrs To The EarthMartyrs To The EtherMartyrs To The Ice • Raptor Five • The Elite Roof Runners