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The Imperial Guards Elite [TIGE]
Guild The Imperial Guards Elite Newcape.jpg
Territory UK flag.png Europe
Language English
Leader Adrea X
Faction Luxon.png Luxon
Type PvX
Guild Hall Isle Of Meditation
VoIP Ventrilo
Webpage TIG Forums

Guild The Imperial Guards Elite logo.jpg The Imperial Guards Elite [TIGE]

[TIGE] is the Lead Guild within the Alliance, although it was created after [TIGC]. Amadrus X moved from [TIGC] to [TIGE] to start to build the TIG Alliance with [TIGE] leading. Although called the Elites the members are treated the same as any other within the alliance with no special treatment being given.


[TIGE] is currently welcoming people join the alliance regardless of their level, experience, rank, age, or race however we do expect all members to meet the alliance rules (see website). To join [TIGE], please contact the guild leader or any of the officers listed below.

Contact Information



Guild Leader

  • Adrea X

Guild Officers

  • Laura samantha
  • Furr Dorin
  • Ascalonian Darla
  • Moon In Zanath
  • Karna
  • Amadrus X

The Imperial Guards Alliance
Leader The Imperial Guards Elite
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