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The Knights Of Chaos And Cake [INFO]

The Knights Of Chaos And Cake [INFO]
Guild The Knights Of Chaos And Cake cape.jpg
Territory Australia
Language English
Leader X Bunnee X
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
Guild Hall Isle of the Dead
Forums The Knights Of Chaos And Cake
Time zone GMT+10

The Knights Of Chaos And Cake was created in February of 2010. TKOCAC Hold a strange tag [INFO] which is a memorial to the Guild Leaders best friend who sadly passed in a car accident in June 2009 (He was an obsessed gamer).

TKOCAC are a group of different people of all different levels within the game who stress fun and laughter as a way of life. We have members from many countries and love to meet new and interesting people! We are currently in an alliance with Methods In the Maddness [MMAD].

We are a PVE, PVP, GVG guild for fun.

We do however hold a 16 years of age and over policy.


Recruitment is done via In game contact and Forums.

Contact information

To contact us simply go to our forums at

In game you can contact us through these members

  • Guild leader
  • X Bunnee X
    • Officers
    • Azeraal Serai
    • Tzinoka Rei
    • Captain Husky
    • Zom The monster
    • Isnack Two Point Oh
    • Cainon Thourn

Unknown Alliance
Leader Unknown
Members Unknown