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The Shadow Nexus [TSN][edit]

The Shadow Nexus TSN
Territory America
Language English
Leader Exarch Deangelis
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members 3
Guild Hall Isle of the Dead
Time zone CMT

The Shadow Nexus is a fairly new guild that is part of the SKIN alliance which is lead by Xamot Rayne. TSN is lead by Exarch Deangelis, and currently has 3 members, but is looking for more.


We are looking for more players to join who like to work as a whole to make the guild and the alliance better. We work together to succeed, and want to see every new player in the guild equal or surpass the one they were recruited by, so that they can pass on what they learned, thereby growing the alliance into one of the best. We are new, but we will grow.

Contact information[edit]

You can contact Exarch Deangelis by one of his many names most of the time. He is on very often, and will respond to your messages as soon as possible: Exarch Deangelis, Exarch of Bedlam, Isaac Forge, Lazarus Hails, Forge Deangelis, Camden Konreid, or Even Closer.

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