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The Missing Link [LINK]

The Missing Link [LINK]
Territory Everywhere
Language English
Leader Izzy the Slayer
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members Around 25
Guild Hall Isle of Wurms
Time zone MST

We are a fairly new guild, with about 25 members total - always looking for more though. We are Luxon and PvX. We are also in SKIN Alliance, which has over 450K Faction. We welcome players of all skill levels. The rules of guild are fairly simple keep harsh language out of alliance chat and no spamming, cheating or scamming other players.

Weekly Scrimmage Tournament
This is an alliance tournament, all players with a level 20 character are welcomed to join in and play. Its a 2K entrance fee and the top two scrimmagers split the pot and are each awarded a mini or ecto .Rules are pretty simple, you tell Izzy the Slayer or any officer at the LINK hall what character you are using, then you are randomly matched and at this point, no character changes can be made. Once the scrimmage is over, we mark winners and match them again, and repeat until top two fighters are chosen. So, come join in on the fun! Even if you don't want to scrimmage, come watch and support your friends!


There are no requirements to joining this guild, we can help new players or do elite areas with experienced players. Currently we are looking for more Luxon Faction donors, PvPers and SCers. If you're not one of these, don't worry. Ask for an invite and we will invite you!

Contact information

You can contact myself, Izzy the Slayer, almost any time between 4:00pm MST - 10:00pm MST every day. You can also contact my other most trusted officers; Nathan Thane, Exalted Rudianos or Judge of the Hunt if I am not on.

Swift Kick In The Nads Alliance
Leader Swift Kick In The Nads
Members The Missing Link