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Wandelaars Own All [TAG]

Wandelaars Own All WoA
Guild Wandelaars Own All cape.jpg
Language Dutch
Leader Emmely De Wandelaar
Faction Luxon

The guild Wandelaars Own All is a dutch guild, and open to any dutch player.

If you want to become a member, just ask one.



  • Emmely De Wandelaar


  • Store Vrouwtje/Johnny Is Zen
  • Vaak Ben Ik Een Kat/Even Striker
  • Kubus En Jawat
  • Sky Firestrom
  • Chara Pylaris


  • Necromantic Knight
  • Bulletproof Dummy
  • Vortex Robin
  • King Edward III
  • The Defacer
  • Anuket Drake
  • General Davroar

Guild rules

  1. If you'r offline for 4 weeks, you are kicked out of the guild.
  2. Do NOT curse on guild chat!
  3. This counts also for alliance chat!
  4. Do not beg anyone

From member, Enzo

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Leader Order Of The Hijo De La Luna
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